"I don't eat gluten-free out of necessity, but I do like to try a variety of items. In my line of work I think product knowledge is key and this is the best gluten-free crust I have tried!"
-  Amelia Derosear
Marketing / Merchandising Director South Ankeny Hy-Vee
"I've had the pleasure of enjoying Roberto's Pizza since the company's inception. This quality of pizza is unparalleled in the frozen pizza world. Between the excellent ingredients and fresh tasting sauce, it is truly a toss up to which I enjoy more. Considering Roberto's offers a slew of pizza varieties, it's hard to pinpoint which is best. The gluten-free options are wonderful, healthier alternatives for the people requiring or desiring so. All in all, Roberto's brand of frozen pizza is hands down the finest damn pizza (frozen) I've ever had."
- Mitch Nichols
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